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Sissy shuddered. Mistress and her boyfriend were hardly out of the door and already the girl next-door was making demands.

Mistress had asked her to babysit, and made it plain that Sissy was to follow her instructions to the letter.

This girl had always been intimidating, but she was also bright enough to figure out that Mistress would be very strict with Sissy if she reported back that her behaviour had been anything other than accommodating.

It would be a very long weekend.


I haven’t seen this video before and It took me a long time to decide if I was going to post it. My wife shouldn’t see this.
She has invented some rather creative uses for the Emla numbing cream herself. But this one is almost pure evil!
Probably really hot and amusing to think about for people who haven’t experienced long term chastity but you should try staying without orgasm or release for two months and see for yourself how frustrating this must be for the poor fella…


This Saturday my wife almost “raped” me. It was incredible but one of the most frustrating experiences in my life. I fear she has found a new best friend…the Emla cream.

It all started with a friend of my wife popping over Friday night for some wine and gossip. In bed later that night my wife told me that her friend’s sexlife had improved a LOT after they started using desensitizing lube when they had sex. Her friend had actually climaxed on her husband’s cock for the first time. I blushed and felt belittled. This is something my wife has wanted to experience ever since we got together. It has never happened but she said nothing more. She just asked me if I was horny, kissed me goodnight and went to sleep.

Saturday night she caught me totally off guard. I was watching TV when she came into the living room and told me to go to the bedroom and undress. I had no idea what was going to happen but she had prepared bondage straps on the bed. When I was naked she unlocked my cock, told me to lie down on my back and tied my hands to the bedposts. To keep them out of the way she said. With my hands secured she put on latex gloves and began to apply a cream to my penis. First she made sure she covered everything. Then she started rubbing it into the skin, jerking me slowly. My cock has been locked up in chastity and left without attention for 3 months now. I became rock hard immediately and it felt wonderful. She was satisfied. I need you rock hard, she said. Then she applied some more to my cockhead. She covered the head completely in cream before rolling on a condom. I didn’t understand anything. We never use condoms. My wife wanted me to have a vasectomy after our third kid was born. We don’t need any protection. I obviously asked too many questions because she then pulled off her panties and stuffed them into my mouth. To make sure I kept my erection she forced a really tight cockring down to the base of my shaft. Then she found her vibrator, and started playing with herself. Her moist, ripe and pretty hairy pussy just inches away from my face. It was pure torture. I was hard as hell and she kept going like this for over 30 minutes but she didn’t climax. My head was full of questions. But I was soon to find out…

About 40 minutes after the cream was applied she straddled me. I watched my rock hard condom covered penis disappear into her dripping wet pussy. Usually this feels like heaven but this time I felt NOTHING. It was a shock! My cock was hard as h**l and inside my wife’s lovely pussy but I felt absolutely NOTHING. She started riding me….and boy did she ride. I have never seen her like that. She kept a furious pace for a long time. Under normal circumstances I would have spurted and gone limp after 2-3 minutes of that treatment but I felt nothing. Don’t you fucking DEAR to come she screamed as she climaxed on my cock for the first time ever. How could I? My cock didn’t feel a thing. It was totally weird.

When finished (after three orgasms :-D) she removed the cockring and the condom and used a wetwipe to wash off the rest of the cream from my cock. It was still totally numb but going limp pretty fast. She then secured the cage again before releasing me from bondage.

Watch out guys! Emla cream can easily become any girl’s new best friend.

I’ve posted a video with related material here.

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