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Train Your Husband to Be Slave

Training your husband to be slave; a common desire among dominant women like yourself. If your husband has a submissive side, it can be achieved in under a week. There are two steps: bringing out his submissive side and then teaching him to serve you. Begin by changing your sex life. The next time you have sex, make him concentrate on pleasuring you. If he fails to make you happy, punish him (light smacks or name-calling). Do no do anything for his pleasure. Tie him up and pleasure yourself. When he speaks to you punish him and tell him to call you Mistress. If your husband is immensely aroused then you will know he is submissive at heart and can easily be trained to become your slave.
When you know he is submissive you can train him to serve you. The easiest way to get control of him, while you are new at this, is by not letting him orgasm. He will become so aroused that he will do anything to please you. Take what you have done in the bedroom into your normal lives. Tell him to call you Mistress. Speak sternly to him and tell him what he must do to make you happy. When he fails then punish him. Continue to prevent him from having an orgasm. Make him pleasure you sexually throughout the day, each and every day. At the end of the week, on say a Sunday, sit down with him, have him kneel at your feet, and explain to your submissive husband that you are tired of games and want to permanently change your relationship. Tell him you will become his Mistress. If he says yes, which they almost always do, you will have a new slave husband.

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    If only women believed it is this simple. It really is. If my wife did this to me, I’d melt into butter for her!
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